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3 Signs that You Need a Mag Wheel Repair Specialist in Sydney

These days, mag wheels or other alloys come as standard with most new cars. If you’ve bought or leased a new car recently, you were likely greatly attracted by those stunning wheels, but never really thought much about their repair or maintenance. You consider the tyre pressure, engine issues, cleanliness and condition of the paint, yes. It seems that the alloys are so-often overlooked.

Knowing exactly when it’s time to work with a mag wheel specialist in Sydney is the real key here. Fortunately for you, we’ve prepared information on the three most pressing signs that your wheels are in need of attention from a dedicated mag wheels repair shop.

1. Bad Vibrations

Similar to leaking fluids, unwelcome or unfamiliar vibrations are always a bad sign in your car. Just as nothing should leak, nothing should shake in a way that is making you uncomfortable. One cause of such vibrations can be mag wheels with damaged rims. These vibrations can often come quite suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere. If you think you’ve experienced that, the safest thing is to get the wheels checked by an expert alloy repair shop, who can diagnose and assess any damage there.

2. Bending

Next time you stop, park up and get out of your car, take a closer look at the wheel rims you have. Do they look their usual shape to you? In our day-to-day lives, we are not necessarily conditioned to look carefully at our alloys. We tend to take for granted their round shape and gorgeous looks. Take a moment to study them and look for any signs of bending. Even very slight bending warrants professional attention.

3. Visible Discolouration or Scratching

This final sign is the one that we can’t help but notice when it happens to us. When that glorious mag alloy finish is tainted with gutter rash, scuff marks, or even worse a deep and horrible scratch, our heart will naturally sink. There are myriad factors that can cause such problems, some we notice like unwelcome bumps against the kerb, and others we don’t feel as they are happening like acid corrosion from prolonged contact with bird droppings.

All of the above are signs that you need to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your neighbourhood mag and alloy wheel repair specialist here in Sydney. We’re here to get your wheels back on form.