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4 Driving Habits that Damage Your Mag Wheels

The typical mag wheel looks mighty in its metallic glory. The truth is that a number of common driving habits can cause severe damage to the wheels. You may think that the tyres on your car will bear most of the brunt of any impact or bad driving habit, and sometimes you’d be right, but over time the tyre won’t be able to carry that burden and the damage will start transferring to your mag wheels.

You can always count on our mag repair service Sydney, of course, but if you want to save some money and protect your wheels, here are some habits to avoid.

Habit #1: Hitting bumps, potholes and other irregular surfaces

Roads in downtown Sydney might seem smooth and even, but not everywhere has the same luxury. When you drive too fast over speed bumps, don’t take care to avoid pot holes, and push the wheels to their limits on uneven and broken surfaces, you are steadily wearing away any protection tyres offer your wheels. How long until those bumps bend your rims out of shape or put a nice scratch or chip into the alloy surface?

Habit #2: Hard, sudden braking

Are you something of a white-knuckle driver? Do you like to push the car to the limits and brake at the last-possible moment? It might be thrilling, but the additional strain on your wheels (not to mention the brakes themselves) can have a knock-on effect for your mag wheels. These wheels work best when not subjected to the extremes of motion.

Habit #3: Turning the wheel while parked up

Another great way to wear down that tyre protection is by turning the wheel when you’re stationary. It could just be something you do while you’re in the car waiting for a family member or other passenger to get in. This habit could be wearing down your tyre tread unevenly, leaving you with reduced traction. Less traction means less control, and that’s never good for your mag wheels.

Habit #4: Not having proper alignment or tyre inflation

Two more things you may be in the habit of ignoring are your wheel alignment and tyre pressure. Both of them place your mag alloys in a vulnerable position and make them more susceptible to damage, not to mention making your car less safe to drive.

A Mag-Wheel Specialist is What’s Needed

It’s hard to break old habits. It may take some time, and your mag wheels may take a little extra wear and tear in the process. Don’t worry, though, because your mag wheels specialist Sydney is on-hand to help you out.