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4 Ways to Prevent Gutter Rash on your Mag Wheels

When you’ve spent hundreds or more on the perfect mag wheels for your car, the last thing you want to ever be looking at is gutter rash. This unsightly problem comes about when you’ve had one too many close encounters with kerbs, speed bumps and other similar edges and obstacles.

But what can you do against gutter rash? You can’t hold all of the effects off forever, but there’s plenty you can do in the meantime to minimize impact.

1. Practice parking (slowly)

Much of the gutter rash comes from small but impacting scrapes and bumps with the kerb when you parking the car. While they are common, they seem to be the most unnecessary of all collisions because you’re the only one in a moving vehicle. Practice your parking skills until you can park 10 times or more in a row without hitting the kerb once. Perhaps use a different car, if possible, so you don’t get more scuffs while training.

2. Use the correct and recommended tyre size

Check with your mag wheel specialist in Sydney if you are unsure which tyres are best matched to your rim types. Some choose ones that are too narrow or stretched too tight, leaving the outer edge exposed and vulnerable. In many instances where an impact occurs, a properly fitted and appropriate tyre will bear the brunt of the blow and protect the rim from any serious damage.

3. Use your mirrors (and driver assist features)

Depending on the age of your car, you may have various digital features that help you avoid collisions and unnecessary scuffing. Whatever your car’s age, however, you are bound to have a nice set of useful mirrors on the side. You should always ensure that the mirror is positioned so that you can see the ground as well as what’s behind you on the road. Use the mirrors to avoid anything that poses a risk to your rims.

4. Get familiar with your vehicle and wheels

Finally, make sure that you don’t underestimate the size of your wheels and car in general, especially if it’s a new car and new model that you are less familiar with. If you’ve just upgraded to an SUV, for instance, you need to readjust your senses to account for the new size of your vehicle. Knowing your vehicle and being spatially aware will help prevent accidents that lead to gutter rash.

In the end, you may still need help. Look for specialists like us for mag wheel repair in Sydney. Get in touch today if you need help restoring your wheels to their former glory.