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Mag Wheel Maintenance – Repair or Replace?

Those beautiful mag wheels you purchased for your car are doing a great job of improving the overall aesthetic. They look stunning, right? Sometimes, however, a price you pay for having mag wheels or another type of alloy wheel is that you sacrifice some of the sheer strength and durability that you otherwise get from steel wheels.

When your alloys run into problems, you’ll likely seek out a mag wheel repair specialist in Sydney like us to help you restore your wheels to their former glory. The question is, when is it right to repair the alloys, and when is it right to replace them? Our handy guide below should help you know:


  1. Scratches and Scuffs: First, you can opt for repairs when the wheels have scratches or non-serious scuff marks on them. These can be buffed out and the wheel will look good as new. It won’t be too expensive, either, since there aren’t any exclusive or specialist tools needed for such a job.
  2. Light Bending: If your wheels have become a little bent out of shape, but without anything being broken, then repairs can be carried out to get them back the way they should be. This can sometimes mean using more specialist tools, however, so expect to pay a little more than buffing out a scratch.
  3. Cracks: If you see a small, isolated crack or two in the wheel, then your mag wheel specialist should be able to see to that by filling it in.



1. Damage in Multiple Points: If you have deep scratches and cracks in multiple locations around the mag wheel, then repairing all of these can become prohibitively expensive. When it’s going to take a great deal of time and effort to fix the scratches and cracks, and the result will be a weakened and possibly still somewhat scarred wheel, it’s not worth the repairs.

 2. Heavy Bending: An alloy bent in a more serious accident could be restored to the right shape by a skilled alloy repair specialist, but the real question is do you think it’s worth it? A badly bent wheel put back into shape will be weaker than it was, and thus susceptible to further damage or even failure.


In the end, consider the real cost of repair and replace

The essential rule is to consider how much you spent on your alloys, and compare that to the quote from your mag wheel repair specialist. If the latter is greater, then a replacement is in order. Whenever you’re in doubt or in need or mag wheel assistance, give our Sydney location a call.