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Protecting Your Mag Wheels from Corrosion

Since at least the year 2000, drivers have paid increasing attention to the quality and design of their car’s wheels. Alloy wheels quickly became the new standard, with magnesium steel alloys “mag wheels” establishing themselves as a favourite. They’re light, strong, and pleasing to the eye.

As popular as they are, they are not to be taken for granted. When you have mag wheels, you have to know how to care for them. The best kind of mag repair is preventative. There’s a lot you can do to protect your mag wheels, and below you’ll find tips from a specialized mag repair Sydney team.

1. Know your enemies

The first thing you need to know is that there are, broadly speaking, two types of threat to the integrity of your mag wheels. These are:

  • Chemical damage
  • Dust

Both of these things will cause corrosion if left unattended, and therefore need to be carefully and regularly managed.

2. Chemical damage: Acid

You may be wondering how any acidic materials are going to get on your car. Do we imagine people just go around spraying hydrochloric acid on people’s mag wheels? It’s not like that, of course, but even the most commonplace contaminants like bird faeces contain acidic material that can damage most of your car’s surface if left on there.

Mag wheel cleansers, or gentle car shampoos are ideal cleaners to keep the surface free from these corrosive contaminants. Check over the wheels at least once a day to catch any rogue chemicals. Other substances can come from trees (especially after it rains), as well as the general hustle and bustle or urban life in Sydney.

3. Dealing with dust

The chief source of dust on your rims is actually your brakes. As the brake pads wear, they spread dust that can accumulate on your mag wheels. The dust has to be removed regularly, which you can do at a repair centre like ours, or try yourself at home if you know how. They’ll likely need a dust removal at least once every six months as part of a regular inspection. If you drive a lot, that dust could accumulate faster.

Mag wheel repair Sydney

Your car’s mag wheels are a big part of its beauty. Don’t let natural and man-made contaminants strip away their looks. Talk to us today about getting some mag wheel care in Sydney.