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The 4 Most Common Issues with Mag Alloys

The aesthetic appeal of mag alloys is such that now even standard wheels attempt to at least emulate that look. When you’ve invested in the real deal, you also have to be aware of things that can go wrong with them. Greater beauty means that any blemish or imperfection is all the more noticeable. Lucky for you there are great rim repair and alloy repair shops like ours in Sydney that will restore them to their original glory.

So, what are the most common issues that alloy wheels have? Below we’ll give you our top 4.

1. Alloy wheel corrosion

Corrosion can occur when the wheels come into contact with acidic materials, even those found in nature that may not be harmful to ourselves. Bird droppings are a big source of that, as is tree sap and other run-off that comes with rainfall on the trees. The other big cause of corrosion is brake dust that accumulates over time. Both are good reasons to clean the wheels regularly and thoroughly, ensuring that the corrosion doesn’t happen. When it does, you might need a professional to help you restore them.

Scuffs and chips

They do say that accidents happen. Riding too close to a kerb, or a small bump with another vehicle can all create scuffs and chips in the alloys. To a mag alloy, a chip is basically a disfigurement, and it’s not something you can just cover up with sticky tape. An alloy/rim repair specialist in Sydney has seen this problem a hundred or more times before.

 3. Distortion or deformity

Structural damage to the wheels is also possible over time, or after an accident on the road. When it comes to your alloys or rims becoming distorted or buckled, for whatever reason, they are no longer safe to use on the road. Such damage requires immediate attention, and the nature of the problem requires professional skill. This one can’t be fixed with a hammer and a patient afternoon trying to whack out dings in the structure.


4. Premature tire wear

One other interesting side effect of large mag alloys is upsetting the wheel balance of your vehicle. If they’ve not been fitted properly, or the wheels have become unbalanced over time, then it can lead to your tires wearing unevenly, which makes your car unsafe for you and those around you. Next time you see your mag wheel repair specialist in Sydney, make sure to ask them about your wheel balance.


When in doubt, always seek the help of trained professionals. If you think your mag alloys or rims are in need of some TLC, then give us a call today.