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Tips for Washing Your Mag Wheels

Let’s face facts – the main reason you wanted those glorious mag wheels on your car was for that irresistible shimmer; that stunning shine that helps make your car of any make or model really pop in the Sydney sunshine.

In the course of your daily driving, those mag wheels are bound to get dirty, as with the rest of your car. As a mag wheel repair and maintenance specialist in Sydney, we are well placed, therefore, to offer some invaluable advice on how to clean up your alloys and restore them to their proper glory.

Tip #1: Leave a cooling period while you ready your gear

Never wash your wheels right after you’ve been driving. It’s better to let them cool down first. In the meantime, you could make sure you have all the right gear ready. It’s always better, for instance, to use dedicated alloy wheel cleaners to get the best results. Absolutely do not use any cleaning products designed for household cleaning. The chemicals are not meant to be used on your alloy wheels and may cause problems.

Tip #2: Always do a pre-wash rinse

Contaminants left on your wheel like dirt, debris and brake dust can cause scratching if you leave them on while scrubbing/brushing the wheel to clean it. Always use a power washer or hose to rinse the wheels off first, removing the worst of aforementioned contaminants before you go in with a brush to get the more embedded material cleaned out.

Tip #3: Don’t miss the crevices

After letting the wheels cool and rinsing them off, you’ll start applying your alloy wheel cleaner as directed. When you do, don’t forget to study your wheels’ shape and ensure you get the cleaner and subsequent brushing into every corner. Many alloys come in unique shapes, each presenting their own challenges when cleaning.

Tip #4: Do a car shampoo cleaning after you’ve finished with the alloy cleaner

Once you’ve finished the cleaning process and removed all the alloy cleaner with a hose/power wash rinse, you should do a second wash with car shampoo. Using a bucket and sponge, go over the wheels with car shampoo for a final wash to really get clean results.

Tip #5: Don’t forget to dry

Many forget the drying stage, thinking instead they should just leave the water to run off by itself or dry in the sun. This is a mistake. Dry the wheels using a microfiber cloth or chamois for the best results.

If you ever have trouble with your alloy wheels that can’t be simply washed out, then give us a call and visit our specialist mag wheel repair centre in Sydney.