Tips to Wash Your Car Mag Wheels

Tips to Wash Your Car Mag Wheels

The key factor you wanted those brilliant mag wheels on your car was that stunning shine that helps make your car of any make or model genuinely pop in the Sydney sunlight.

All through your regular driving, those mag wheels will without a doubt get foul, likewise with the rest of your vehicle. As a mag wheel fixing specialists in Sydney, we have shared below the best technique to clean up your alloy wheels and restore them to their genuine significance.

  • Never wash your wheels soon after you’ve been driving. Leave a cooling period while you arrange your stuff.
  • Do a pre-wash flush. Ceaselessly use a power washer or hose to flush the wheels off first and remove soil, junk and brake build-up.
  • Many mag wheels come in stand-out shapes, each presenting their own troubles while cleaning. Make sure to focus on your wheels’ shape and clean and brush into each corner.
  • Do a car chemical tidying with wheel cleaning agents. Using a bucket and wipe, go over the wheels with vehicle chemical for a last wash to check out the results.
  • Make sure to dry. Dry the wheels using a microfiber texture or chamois towel for the best results.

In case you anytime experience trouble with your wheels cleaning and maintenance that can’t be basically cleared out, then, call us and get a free quote. We are one of the best alloy wheel repair companies in Sydney that are mobile and will come to you to fix all your mag wheel issues like curb damage, gutter rash, paint discoloration, broken rim, buckled wheels etc.

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