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Top 4 Advantages of Mag Wheels over Steel Wheels

There are some out there who question the need to focus on the type of wheels you install on your car. To these nay-sayers, we say that they clearly are unaware of the many advantages that come with mag wheels, especially those fitted and maintained by a proper mag wheel specialist in Sydney.

Those of you who are wondering about the differences between mag wheels and steel wheels may feel a bit lost. There are definitely pros and cons of both wheel types, and you can get fine versions of each one. The more you know about each, the more informed you can be when making your selection.

Below are some of the top benefits of alloys over steel wheels, from your friendly Sydney mag wheel repair specialist:

1. Alloy wheels are lighter

Steel wheels do have strength on their side, but the lightness of mag wheels and other alloys is also a key advantage. If your wheels is lighter, then you can achieve better fuel economy because there is less strain on the car; less weight to move. That means you get more miles for each litre of petrol.

 2. Alloys look better

It’s hard to deny that alloys look the part. They lend a far more appealing aesthetic to a car, which is why nowadays nearly all manufacturers are offering them as standard rather than steel wheels, especially on big-brand cars. Besides the glittering and shimmer of the magnesium alloy, there’s also the innovative and unique shapes and designs into which they can be moulded.

3.You can enjoy quicker acceleration

The lighter build of the mag wheel means that your wheels will put less pressure and strain onto your car’s suspension. Besides allowing you to accelerate faster from the traffic lights, less strain on the suspension means overall less wear and tear on that key system, too. That could save you money on maintenance in the long term.

 4. You’ll achieve better stopping speeds

Not only can you get off the mark quicker, but alloys allow you to stop more quickly too, which equally stems from the lighter frame of the mag-alloy build. This means that alloys are helping to make your car safer.

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